Outdoor Space bookings

Indoor space bookings can be made through the Office of the Registrar.

Please ensure you are familiar with the regulations on bookings before submitting your request.

You will be notified by email when your request has been processed. If you have any questions in the interim, please contact avpadmn2@uvic.ca.

The purpose of the Booking of Outdoor Space by Students policy is to:

  1. establish consistent practices for the booking of outdoor space by Student Groups at the university;
  2. maintain the safety of the university community and protect university property;
  3. help ensure that university activities are not interrupted by outdoor events; and
  4. help ensure that approved outdoor events are conducted in a responsible manner in accordance with university policies and procedures.


Only designated signing authoritys may submit outdoor booking requests. The policy applies to the booking of outdoor space on the university’s campus by student-led group, club, course union, or organization that includes:

  • Sports and Recreation Clubs registered with the Athletics and Recreation department;
  • clubs, course unions, advocacy groups, associations or Professional Development Unions that are recognized by the University of Victoria Students’ Society or Graduate Students’ Society; and
  • university paraprofessional student/staff and or university-sanctioned volunteer programs or service groups.

Booking Conditions

The following are some of the general conditions related to the booking and use of outdoor space on campus by Student Groups. For full details please refer to the policy.

  • Outdoor space bookings by Student Groups should be related to the Student Groups’ purpose and/or constitution.
  • Outdoor space will not be available for bookings on certain dates due to university-sanctioned events, during exam periods or during convocations.
  • The university may limit the frequency and length of bookings available to each Student Group.
  • All food served must be prepared and delivered by University Food Services unless an exception is applied for in advance and has been approved by the Office of the Associate Vice-President Student Affairs.
  • Signs, tickets, brochures, social media or other forms of messaging related to the outdoor space booking must not advertise liquor, liquor consumption, pubs, bars, or lounges.
  • Signage, advertising or promotional materials related to the outdoor space booking shall be in accordance with applicable university policies including but not limited to the university:
    Liquor policy (AD2400)
    Discrimination and Harassment policy (GV0205);
    Building Usage Policy - including Poster Regulations (BP3105); and
    Strategic Alliances policy (FM5110).
  • Organizers of approved outdoor bookings must leave the space booked in a clean manner with no damage to the area that the event took place in. Organizers of approved bookings are responsible for the removal of all recycling, garbage and equipment upon completion of the booking.
  • All outdoor space bookings covered by this policy must be held between the hours of 6:00 a.m. and 6:00 pm, unless specific approval is obtained from the Office of the Associate Vice-President Student Affairs.
  • Outdoor space bookings are subject to sound restrictions that will be evaluated during the approval process. Amplification is normally only approved for major university sanctioned events.
  • In the event of unforeseen circumstances, the university may cancel the booking without notice.
  • Usage of outdoor space that contravenes this or other policies will be removed from the area.
  • The Student Group is responsible for arranging all additional university services (e.g., electricity, water, janitorial, etc) for the outdoor space booking, and arranging all related logistics and payment of all applicable fees. You can contact Facilities Management by calling 250-721-7616.
  • Only furniture designated for outdoor space use by the university may be used during outdoor space bookings. If you require the use of tables, you will need to bring your own or make a request in advance with Facilities Management, or in the case of a student club, enquire at the UVSS general office.
  • Commercial vendors or materials advertising commercial services or businesses are not permitted unless authorized by the university’s Corporate Relations department or another appropriate authority within the university.
  • The Student Group will designate a primary contact for the booking who must provide contact information as part of the booking request and be in attendance for the duration of the booking.

Booking Locations

Student Groups may submit applications to book outdoor space at the university Petch Fountain and the Central Quad green space which are the designated spaces for most outdoor space bookings. Student Group requests to book other outdoor spaces on campus will be considered on a case-by-case basis in accordance with this and other applicable policies.

Booking Form

Proceed to outdoor space booking request form.